Friday, October 16, 2009


Call me DJB. I'm an urban planning student living in Los Angeles, worried about the environment and poverty. A while back, I realized that the way we build our cities has a big impact on these things.

I grew up in suburbia. Which for me, means a place where there are little houses everywhere separated from each other and the stuff you want to do is far away, which means, usually, you drive. Now I live in a different kind of neighborhood, where you can walk to things, and take transit no problem.

I wanted to make a blog where these kinds of things could be discussed in plain English (o Español).

So if you've got something to say I hope you'll share it. I made it out of suburbia, and I want you to make it out too. I want you to care about urban form. I don't know how exactly to do that, but I'm here to give it a try :)

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