Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Be Afraid Of The City

Upper West Side
Google Maps Street View

My trip to New York is coming to an end and I wanted to come up with some kind of concluding thought. To avoid rambling, I'll just analyze one picture.

This is a view of the 72nd street subway station in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Apparently, people who can, pay ridiculous sums of money to live around here. Let me tell you what I see.

I see apartments
I see shops
I see offices
I see a subway station accessible to the disabled
I see open space
I see a cab
I see lots of people walking
I see metered street parking only

I see density
I see a mixture of land uses

I don't see any need to own a car
I don't see the habitat that has been saved because people use hardly any land per capita

I don't see how we can solve our environmental problems without recourse to real cities.

Goodbye New York. I'm going back to the trenches.

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