Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy new year.

I'm not sure this year is new in any meaningful sense though, since it's only as new as we choose to make it. Will we really take this opportunity to reflect on who we are as people and as a people? To peer deeply into ourselves and to be willing to find whatever is there, should be the purpose of a day of reflection, whether it makes us happy or not.

Here are some sample new year's resolutions:
This year I will speak out against war
This year I will not damage the environment with my transportation choices
This year I will fill my life with people, not things
This year I will take the job I care about, even at a lower salary
This year I will put the bottle down

Geez, I'm being uncomfortably depressing. But I just think it's a crime to turn a day of reflection into a mindless celebration. There is much that needs to be made new this year, and it goes way beyond urban planning. I hope you think about it, become disturbed, saddened, angry . . .

And find your joy in fighting back. Because this year is only as happy and as new as you make it.

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