Sunday, February 7, 2010

City Living Etiquette

If you go to drink at a place that closes at 2AM and you're anywhere within earshot of apartments or other housing, you need to be very quiet when you step outside. No talking, no car alarms. You know what, don't even bring your car, just starting it makes a lot of noise. Plus, if you've been drinking you have absolutely no business behind the wheel. Got it?

Otherwise there's a term for you: drunken asshole.
And there's a term for your bar: that f***ing place that keeps everybody awake.

Posted at 1:38AM, get it?


  1. This is one of the reasons I'd prefer to live in a less dense neighborhood. It's inevitable that someone nearby thinks it's time to be loud when I think it's time to sleep. For me, it's usually kids playing right outside my window early in the morning on weekends.

    Doesn't living on top of a store as you've advocated in previous posts exacerbate this problem?

  2. Yes, sometimes it does.

    This is one of the main drawbacks of living in a dense, mixed-use area.

    However, what I experience is a rather extreme example of what can go wrong. What I don't mention in the post is all of the things that go right the overwhelming majority of the time: the convenience and walkability, for instance. I happen to live right on a border (horizontally, not vertically) between residential and late-night retail, and it's bad on Friday and Saturday nights. If I had to pick a place again, I'd pick one a few buildings back.

    For me, the lesson is that not just any mixture of uses is ideal. In a mixed-use area, bars should close earlier (achievable through regulation), and things like heavy industry aren't ideal.

    There are trade offs. It's hard to beat suburbia for peace and quiet, or dependence on cars.