Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eastside Extension Extension

Washington Route

60 Route
Source: Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Alternatives Analysis, Addendum. It just rolls off the tongue and into your heart :)

LAist reports that Metro has whittled down its options for a new southern extension of the Gold Line light rail train. Metro released a document called an Alternatives Analysis which details their reasoning.

The good news is that both of these are proposed as over 90% aerial (as opposed to at grade), although it's important to insist that this be done with sound walls everywhere to protect the neighbors from noise. I would even argue for putting them in where they don't seem necessary now, because land use is not static over time. Today's strip mall could be tomorrow's walk-up apartment building or rowhouse block.

See the following table for a comparison of line characteristics:

Well, looks to me like the Washington Route is the better option. It goes farther, attracts more riders, runs at the same speed, and has basically the same cost per mile. Again, the key is to respect the neighborhoods this goes through with sound walls everywhere. Let's make this a train people want to live near, not a boon for the earplug industry.

Do this with sound walls Metro, and you'll have tons of my respect. Be cheap on sound walls, and generations of families will curse your name. Doesn't sound like that hard of a decision. Don't be cheap!


  1. I don't know about sound walls in particular, but you do need something. Here in Queens we've got the elevated #7 train, and every time it goes by people have to pause in their conversations. Definitely push for effective soundproofing.

  2. I've ridden the 7, and it seems like a very nice train except for that. I'm open to other soundproofing ideas. I just hope there's a way to build grade-separated rail that's fast without the expense of underground construction, and with a reasonable arrangement on noise.