Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Off-Street Parking Has a Death Toll

One of the differences between my neighborhood and Manhattan, is in Manhattan, there are hardly any curb cuts for cars, because there is hardly any parking that's off the street. In my neighborhood, almost every apartment building has its own ground floor parking. What this means is that, every time I walk around a block, there are tens of chances for a car to hit me. In a typical Manhattan block, I'm only at risk if I cross the street.

Now, I can avoid cars pretty well. But children can't. They don't have the survival skills adults do. They run around oblivious to the multi-ton hunks of death that whiz around our neighborhoods. Their parents try to teach them early about the danger, with varying degrees of success.

Off-street parking has a death toll. I'd rather live on a Manhattan-style block. What if all of the parking on a block were in one garage, instead of 20 separate garages? Or, God forbid, what if we just dispensed with it altogether? Then there'd be at most only be one IMPACT POINT per block.

We could paint the sidewalk red to warn people.

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