Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A day

Breakfast, blog, dishes and Democracy Now!, a subway, a café, a bicycle traffic light, some housing projects next to a freeway, Stuyvesant Town has very little land use mixture and too much parking :(, a tall building to make for, endless streets, a 45 story hotel next to a two story church with a garden, finally the Empire State, $20 to the roof?! screw that, deep into the east, a desolate elevated stop, the same rowhouse over and over, cream cheese + jelly + roll + microwave = delicious, back again, a bewildering menu, are white people allergic to Harlem?, sleep . . .


  1. When I was in NYC last summer, I stayed in a hostel on 125th & 5th in Harlem.. I wasn't allergic. Though I did get quite a few interesting looks from drivers while walking back from the subway at 2am...

  2. I know it's not everyone, but once the trains get up above a certain street, there aren't very many white people left on them :)

  3. I noticed that the allergy was time-dependent. I saw a very heterogenous mix of folks at 125th & 5th in the daytime. At night, it got darker, and I'm not just talking about the sun. I'm sure it's just decades of ingrained "don't go to Harlem at night if you're white" habit.