Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Power is Yours

Remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers? It was Ted Turner's attempt to brainwash my generation into caring about the environment while we were still young. We'll, I suppose it's not the worst thing we could have been brainwashed into caring about :)

I remember as a kid I always thought the best powers were the elemental powers. You know, like being able to shoot fire from a magic ring. But, upon reflection, I'm now much more interested in Matí's power: heart. This power is the most abstract. In the show it was used to communicate with the group (pre cell phone), communicate with animals, and perhaps most importantly, to try and make people give a damn about the environment. It was a sort of mind control power, and it didn't always work, particularly on the eco-villians.

The show was making the point that to protect the environment people from all over the world, all colors, all genders, would have to work together. When they went it alone they always got into trouble. But together, they could summon their protector, Captian Planet, who could kick ass while rocking a green mullet.

Matí's power was always the key. Without heart, without the will to do something about the "terrible destruction plaguing our planet", the other powers didn't add up to anything. For us too, with all of our technological prowess, the will to change is the key to unlocking a sustainable future.

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