Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trouble in Park Slope

I actually looked at Streetsblog New York the other day. I only say "actually" because I have a fierce addiction/loyalty to Streetsblog LA that's hard to shake :) One story in particular caught my eye: City Planning Can Set the Bar Higher on Fourth Avenue.

It's all about how part of Park Slope, Brooklyn is getting some automobile oriented sidewalks: vents, parking areas, etc. instead of storefronts for pedestrians to enjoy.

Can I just say one simple thing, as an LA native? Your city is awesome because of the quaint vertically mixed use thing. Most people in America don't have that. They don't have a place where they can go and see a sidewalk flooded with pedestrians, or a street that isn't cut all to pieces by parking lots and dead walls.

Please don't throw away what makes your city unique and a beacon of hope to urbanists across the country. If you drink the parking Kool Aid like virtually every other American city did, you won't be unique anymore, you'll be well on your way to Los Angeles. You can afford to say "screw parking" like no other city in this country can. Hold onto that. It's a precious gift passed down by your forebearers.

Seriously, save the sprawl planning for Nassau and Suffolk Counties (if you have to do it at all, that is) and stake out a bold claim in the five boroughs.

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