Tuesday, May 11, 2010

C'mon Metro, Cut the Intercom Chatter

I'm back in the blogosphere son! And I've got to get something off my chest.

Metro, your train intercom chatter is excessive. The guy sitting behind me today thought so too. I overheard it in his conversation before it got drowned out with ". . . please do not put your feet on the seats . . ."

C'mon, does anyone really think that stops people from putting their feet on the seats? Absent enforcement rude people won't care, and the average person wouldn't do it in the first place.

But really my least favorite one is the announcement that tells you the doors are about to close in English and Spanish. On the Blue Line the Spanish message usually plays as the doors are actually closing. Too late to matter!

Here's a suggestion: two dings (not a piercing squeal) tell you the doors are about to close and the robo-voice announces the next stop, just the name, in one language. If people get confused they might (gasp) actually have to ask someone for directions.

I swear to God we'll thank you.

-- At least two of your loyal riders


  1. Best automated transit announcement moment ever:

    I was on a Muni bus (I THINK it was a 49-Van Ness) a few years ago. I had a can of soda, which I opened. Just as the can went *pop*, the automated announcement came on- "A reminder: Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited on transit vehicles."

    And I so agree on the chime. I use Vancouver and Toronto's door closing chimes as cell phone alerts. I wouldn't imagine using Metro's beep.