Monday, May 31, 2010

Straight Back to Suburbia . . . For Now

Today maybe isn't the greatest day for me. I've been forced by the exigencies of my financial situation to give up my tiny little subway adjacent apartment in LA. Don't get me wrong, the place had problems, but I'm sure going to miss it and the neighborhood.

I'm back to where I grew up, somewhere in the suburbia of Los Angeles County, not homeless by the grace of my parents, whose aid in my time of need I deeply appreciate.

This blog is probably going to change focus a bit because my surroundings have changed. I'm back in the neighborhood that formed the first part of my concept of what suburbia is, and why it's problematic. It'll be harder to walk and use transit here, and more important to ride a bike (and hence to resolve that health insurance situation, or just go for it regardless, which is looking more and more likely).

I'm down, but not out. One day I'll have a job that can pay the bills and I'll escape suburbia again for a walkable neighborhood with good transit. No recession lasts forever, and given the state things are in now, I'd say there's nowhere to go but up.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles, Chewie. (I'm not in the best of places myself.) However, I'm very interested to hear another livable streets voice blogging from the 'burbs. There's much to despise out here... but there's also hope.