Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Except for a Minor Traffic Violation"

Remember applying for jobs? There's often a question about criminal history that will read something like "have you ever been convicted of a crime except for a minor traffic violation?"

I've decided I really hate the premise of this question. What is a "minor" traffic violation? I've got a new premise. If you're in traffic, there are no minor violations. Motor vehicles have the power to maim and kill. Accordingly, we should have a humorless attitude about the safety laws that apply to them.

Switching gears a bit, did you know that American cities usually require off-street parking at bars? To take a random example, the city of Long Beach, CA requires 20 parking spaces for every 1,000 square feet of gross floor area for "taverns". I don't know what the city thinks people are doing at these bars, but I assure you it's drinking.

This is how insane our mentality is. Even bars, businesses whose sole purpose is to sell alcohol for on-site consumption, "need" off-street parking. Even though we know that people drive to them, drink, and drive home. Drink and drive. Yeah, lets make sure these people have plenty of free parking.

After all, we don't care about minor traffic violations.

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  1. When police sit right outside of these parking lots on weekends and arrest people for DUI. How many of them later argue that they were "trapped"? Again, the mentality that what they did was wrong, and that it's unfair that they got caught.