Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grocery Bags on Handlebars

Well, I wrote a while back that my lack of health insurance was keeping me off my bike. I'm happy to report that this is no longer the case (although I'm still working on the insurance). I think I was just in a whiny mood :)

Despite my suburban location I am lucky enough to be a mere 2.1 km (1.3 miles) away from my favorite supermarket. That takes me about 22 minutes to walk, but it's much faster on a bike, and I have a good route. There is a minor, residential street directly parallel and adjacent to an arterial street. It's kind of like having a physically separated bike lane. It looks something like this:

Source: Google Maps street view

There's no formal bike parking at the spot, but the people who bike there improvise by using street signs. I don't have a basket on my bike or anything, but I have gotten good at balancing two grocery bags, one on each handlebar. I've considered taking transit, but the service is so infrequent out here that it's usually faster to walk.

So, the bike wins. Free exercise, no gasoline required, and good fun.

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  1. When I was broke and in need of bicycle cargo solutions, I found one that worked quite well. I got a rear cargo rack, to which I strapped a file crate from Office Depot, creating the monstrous CrateBike.

    Since then, I've moved on to a more formal solution, with gigantic red panniers, but the crate worked quite well for quite a long time. Cheap rear racks can be had for ~$20, and my crate was $7 at Office Depot, though they can still occasionally be found outside of grocery stores at night.