Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Blue Line's Walk Score

Source: Metro

I just used Walk Score to check the ease of walking at every stop on LA County's Blue Line. Walk Score measures the variety and proximity of stuff around an area. Click this link for a description of its method. The scores range from 0 to 100 as follows:

90-100: Walker's Paradise
70-89: Very Walkable
50-69: Somewhat Walkable
25-49: Car Dependent
0-24: [Very] Car Dependent

So, how did the Blue Line Stack up? Not surprisingly, the ends of the line, in Downtown Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles scored highly, and the middle portion struggled to achieve much walkability. Downtown areas tend to have the population density to support a variety of land uses that are accessible without having to cross a lot of horizontal space, which means, they tend to be easy to walk in.

Mean average score: 73.7
High: 98 at Transit Mall & 7th St. Metro Center
Low: 40 at Del Amo

Stop Name Walk Score
5th Street 97
1st Street 97
Transit Mall 98
Pacific 95
Anaheim 80
Pacific Coast Highway 77
Willow 82
Wardlow 57
Del Amo 40
Artesia 51
Compton 68
Imperial/Wilmington 58
103rd 65
Firestone 57
Florence 75
Slauson 58
Vernon 60
Washington 58
San Pedro 74
Grand 82
Pico 94
7th St./Metro Center 98

Some of these stations present a clear challenge to pedestrians. Disturbingly, the Imperial/Wilmington station, where the Blue and Green lines cross, is only in the "somewhat walkable" range. The intersection of two major transit lines is a logical place for intense development, but for some reason, possibly fear about the neighborhood (Watts), development has not been forthcoming.

I plan to do this for every line in the Metro Rail system, so stay tuned.

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  1. Imperial/Wilmington is unwalkable because of its configuration. The street is inaccessible: the station is surrounded by surface car parking, bus parking, fences, the backside of Hahn plaza, and a car ramp connecting Wilmington to Imperial. No wonder its unwalkable: it's designed to be.

    Granted, most of us not from the area are probably not interested in taking a stroll through Imperial Courts. But they could've done a bit better to at least make connections an option. Like maybe a southern entrance for the station, with a walkable connection to Hahn Plaza and/or the neighborhood.