Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Gold Line's Walk Score

Source: Metro

The research continues! So far I've checked the Walk Scores of LA County's Blue Line and Green Line and now it's time to assess the walkability of the Gold Line. As it turns out, the Gold Line has the highest average score yet, and the recently opened Eastside Extension (which I certainly welcome) ended up lowering the average score.

Here are the highlights:
Overall Mean: 79.5 (Very Walkable)
"Classic Gold Line" Mean: 84.6
Eastside Extension Mean: 71.1
High: 98 (Memorial Park)
Low: 58 (Maravilla)

And here are the data:
Stop Name Walk Score
Sierra Madre Villa 88
Allen 74
Lake 91
Memorial Park 98
Del Mar 97
Fillmore 91
Mission 95
Highland Park 88
Southwest Museum 71
Heritage Square 62
Lincoln/Cypress 80
Chinatown 83
Union Station 82
Little Tokyo/Arts District 94
Pico/Aliso 72
Mariachi Plaza 74
Soto 65
Indiana 66
Maravilla 58
East LA Civic Center 69
Atlantic 71

The Gold Line has six stations in the "Walker's Paradise" range (90+). Memorial Park station is just north of Old Pasadena, which is definitely a hot pedestrian destination. Lake station is near more Pasadena urbanness. Del Mar station is right in the middle of a Transit Oriented Development that mixes housing and shops. Mission station is perched in the heart of a charming shopping district in South Pasadena. I'm a bit suspicious of the high score at Filmore Station. I've never gotten off at it and the walkability may be more "as the crow flies" than how things are with the path you actually have to traverse.

I want to be fair to the Eastside Extension. Since it's so new, it hasn't really had the chance to spur a lot of redevelopment yet (which might make things more walkable). Still, as things stand now it's not horrible. Little Tokyo station is the star here, and if you haven't been it's a great example of an interesting, walkable urban neighborhood.

Overall, the Gold Line's walkability has raised my spirits today. Funny that it has such low ridership. Maybe that will change.


  1. Folks get off at the Heritage Square stop all the time looking for Heritage Square Museum. So, a quick note - when there is a large event, the back entrance to the museum is open, which is just on the other side of freeway on Pasadena Avenue. Otherwise, the walk is down Carlotta Avenue, right at Avenue 43 and right at Homer Street. Wish we could put up a map at the stop, but METRO does not allow it, unfortunately.

  2. It's too bad the Southwest Museum is closed. It was a great educational destination. Hopefully the Autry Museum (which owns the Southwest Museum) will do the right thing and reopen it very soon.

  3. The Eastside can thank Henry Waxman for that. He is responsible for the Eastside extension being totally different than when it was originally conceived. Separate but equal and makes no sense. People on the Eastside walk way more than people in Pasadena, but since the Eastside is hooked on the Westside Service Sector, the Westside gets to decide what gets done with the money.

    So sad. The Goldline Eastside extension makes me sad. That's just a big demonstration of what happens when you don't have power.


  4. Well it's actually a combination of powerlessness and willful disempowerment. Molina could have fought with a mobilized constituency against Zev and his Zevites during the 1998 ban on subway tunneling but instead folded with the rest of the county to vote "yes" to ban a subway that was to run through her district! Sad. East LA and LA as a whole has no one to blame but itself for why there isn't a subway instead of an at-grade trolley in East LA. But guess what? Zev is still getting his subway! Hahahahaha! We've been hoodwinked again.