Monday, August 9, 2010

The Green Line's Walk Score

Source: Metro

As promised, I'm moving through Metro Rail's lines to see how the walkability of their stops stacks up. Read this post to learn more about the Walk Score measurement I use. This post covers the Green Line.

The scores can be interpreted as follows:
90-100: Walker's Paradise
70-89: Very Walkable
50-69: Somewhat Walkable
25-49: Car Dependent
0-24: [Very] Car Dependent

The Green Line is less walkable than the Blue Line. Unlike the Blue Line, none of the Green Line's stations reach the "Walker's Paradise" level. I've subjectively documented the western Green Line stations in this post. It turns out that the stations inside the 105 expressway are actually less walkable than the western stations. I guess this makes sense since you have to walk a bit just to be clear of the expressway itself. Here are the highlights:

Mean: 58.7 (Somewhat Walkable)
High: 83 (Douglas)
Low: 37 (LAX/Aviation & Avalon)

And here are the data:

Stop Name Walk Score
Redondo Beach 77
Douglas 83
El Segundo 65
Mariposa 57
Aviation/LAX 37
Hawthorne 58
Crenshaw 75
Vermont 54
Harbor Freeway 48
Avalon 37
Imperial/Wilmington 60
Long Beach 66
Lakewood 48
Norwalk 57

Overall I'm disappointed but not surprised by the results. The Green Line's ridership is significantly lower than that of the Blue Line. If we're going to boost that ridership, we need to make sure there's actually something within walking distance when people get off of the train.


  1. Norwalk is the worse. You have all those busses and nothing, nothing at all, not even a freakin bathroom and if you try to walk. Have you tried to walk to civilization, you have to go over a freeway and risk your life, because it's a blind curve.

    You know why the walkabilty score is so low on the Blue Line and Green Line right? You know it was done on purpose, because they didn't want people from South LA to come into the less black parts of town, yes demographics have changed, racially, but that's the reason.

    Don't you notice that the Green Line seems to have an awful lot of security outside of the South LA area?


  2. I have to say to 57 for Norwalk. I really don't think that place is walkable at all. Think about how you would access the Green Line or a bus if you were walking. You can barely access it. They cut off the sidewalk, the other side is blocked off, the freeway is on the other side. 57 is too high, nearly impossible to reach without having a vehicle drop you off there. It should be 45, you can do it, but if you were old or in a wheelchair you can't access that place.

  3. I think it has to do with the way the scores are calculated. You get points for being close to buses, so since Norwalk is close to lots of buses it gets those points. But I agree that there isn't much else around there.

    Whatever the proper score, it's pretty clear that station and many others need improvement.