Friday, August 13, 2010

The Orange Line's Walk Score

Source: Metro

Before I finish up with the subway (the Red and Purple lines) and summarize the results of the entire study I'm going to take a look at the Walk Score of the Orange Line Busway. The Oragne Line isn't a train, but it has a dedicated right of way, frequent service, pay before boarding policy, boarding at every door, and large dedicated stations like a train, so I think it deserves to be considered part of what you could call LA County's "Premium Transit Network". The Silver Line, on the other hand, I won't be examining because it does not have a dedicated right of way for its entire route and you do not pay before you get on.

The scores can be interpreted as follows:
90-100: Walker's Paradise
70-89: Very Walkable
50-69: Somewhat Walkable
25-49: Car Dependent
0-24: [Very] Car Dependent

Here are the highlights:
Mean: 70.9 ("Very Walkable", but just barely)
High: 94 (Warner Center)
Low: 45 (De Soto)

And here are the data:
Stop Name Walk Score
North Hollywood 92
Laurel Canyon 78
Valley College 69
Woodman 63
Van Nuys 72
Sepulveda 82
Woodley 69
Balboa 49
Reseda 88
Tampa 54
Pierce College 58
De Soto 45
Canoga 80
Warner Center 94

So, here we have 14 stations. 2 are in the "Walker's Paradise" range, 5 are "Very Walkable", 5 are "Somewhat Walkable" and 2 are "Car Dependent".

The ends of the line have the highest walkability. North Hollywood Station's score suffers a bit from its large parking lot, but this is compensated for by a good range of nearby retail and transit. Warner Center station is close to a mall and is also a transit hub.

I'm not as familiar with the San Fernando Valley as I am with some of the other areas so I can't elaborate too much more. What seems apparent is that we have a range of walkability as is the case with many of the lines. Some stations are pretty good. Others need serious improvement. We have some Valley-specific precedents for stations where walking is easy and I hope these lessons can be applied to boost the scores of the stations that are struggling.


  1. I live down Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks. I think the score for Van Nuys Blvd probably should be higher because Victory Blvd is a short walk north and T the station there's connections to Rapid 761(my favorite), Local 233, peak hours Express 902 as well as the Victory Blvd buses. There's also a lot of restaurants, the post office, and the LA's Valley Government center.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I guess one of the good things about this measurement is that it can start conversations about what should really count as walkable.