Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Every Bus Stop Should Have This

Continuing my recent obsession with Long Beach Transit, I thought I'd highlight an awesome feature they have at some of their bus stops (44 of them so far). It's a real-time bus arrival display. Follow the link and watch the video! It gets better: some of them are solar powered :)

In other words, you show up and this thing tells you how many minutes it will be until the next bus arrives. No need for a fancy/expensive phone. It's based on GPS tracking of the bus fleet.

This is the kind of thing we could be doing if we were serious about a quality transit system. Contrary to what some people say, good bus systems DO have fixed infrastructure: signs, benches, shade, trash/recycling bins, and apparently, awesome signs that tell you when the next bus is coming.


  1. This is super rad--thanks for highlighting it!

  2. I'd just like to point out that RTA deployed these quite some time before LBT. We've got them at the downtown terminal, Tyler mall (southern hub for the system), and at a few high-traffic stops downtown. There's also a smartphone-friendly bus tracker at http://rtabus.com


    Point is, Long Beach is getting serious press in the blogosphere for something that we've had for years.

  3. @ JN

    Fair enough. I tip my hat to RTA as well, and all of the other agencies that I don't know about that are doing stuff like this :)