Friday, October 22, 2010

Ten Things I Like About Suburbia

After reading Sarah Goodyear's piece about suburbia vs. cities yesterday in Grist I got to thinking that maybe I should send out an olive branch to the people I disagree with. On balance I really don't like suburbia. However, there are some things I do like about it, which I would like to incorporate, more or less, into my vision of a better, more urban future. So, I will attempt to list ten things I like about suburbia now:

1) Suburbia tends to be quiet.
Every once in a while you really just want it to be quiet and suburbia does a good job at this for the most part.

2) Suburbia often offers affordable housing opportunities.
This is particularly true when it is built on new, cheap land on the urban fringe.

3) Suburbia makes it easy to drive when driving is really useful.
Sometimes driving is really useful and suburbia makes sure that you can do it easily and probably park for free when you get where you're going.

4) Suburbia has lots of private open space.
Since detached single family homes are its predominant housing type, there is lots of private open space in suburbia, which has watershed and recreation benefits.

5) Ummm . . .

6) Okay, you know what. I think I can only get to four :)





I tried really hard!

1 comment:

  1. Things I like about suburbia... hmmm...

    1) I'm in a PhD program on a fellowship at a suburban university.

    2) The orange trees smell nice at night when I'm biking home.

    3) Restaurants, fast food shops and groceries take credit cards. I once wandered around LA's chinatown for an hour trying to find a place that was both a) not seafood and b) took Mastercard. I wandered in vain.

    4) Generally, it's easier to find a place to pee- the occasional non-customer use of a restroom is overlooked, unlike in the token-happy city.

    5) It's better than where I grew up, small-town rural America, where transit is unheard of and a decent hamburger is an hour's drive away.

    Aaaand that's it. I'm out.