Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Virtual Outlet for Your Desire to Drive?

Screen shot from Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Have you heard of "Need for Speed: Most Wanted"? It's a video game where you get into street races for money, evade the cops, build your street cred and challenge a list of rivals to settle a score with a guy who cheated to win a race and now drives your former car.

The game's whole premise is gleefully embracing despicable, reckless, homicidal vehicular behavior. But, I'm not one of those people who thinks video games are bringing down society. As long as you can distinguish between real life (where driving at 153 MPH is not only stupid, but also deeply immoral) and the game (where driving at 153 MPH is a lot of fun) I say it's fine. Or maybe I'm wrong and the "don't drive like a moron" disclaimer that plays every time you start the game isn't enough to deter people from taking fantasy onto real streets.

Or maybe it's an outlet. In the game you can drive recklessly with no legal/moral/mortal consequences and no environmental cost (unless you count electricity for your computer), basically for free (you only pay for the game once). In real life, you can't.

So, drive quickly in the game, and slowly, if at all, on real streets :)

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