Thursday, December 22, 2011

Long Beach to Developer: Not Near My Wetlands!

2nd + PCH is dead. The Long Beach City Council rejected it on Tuesday 5 to 3. The Press Telegram's coverage is here. The really sad thing for me is that the main opposition came from environmentalists. I consider myself an environmentalist. That's why when I see a project that would have given people a chance to live a less car-dependent life, built on an infill site, not natural habitat, I say to myself: this is a relatively responsible model of development.

There could have been a compromise on height. I don't think anyone was married to the idea of 12 stories. Now the entire project is dead, the automobile-oriented status quo is alive and well on Pacific Coast Highway and Long Beach still faces an unemployment crisis. Dense, mixed-use development is a good thing for the environment. There's still a lot of work to do getting that message out to the old guard environmentalists however.

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