Sunday, April 3, 2016

Orange County Gets in the Transit Game

OC Streetcar Video by OCTA, via YouTube.

Orange County, Los Angeles County's wealthier, more conservative and more car-oriented frenemy/neighbor to the southeast, actually has a couple of transit tricks up its sleeve.  Thanks to the somewhat recently reauthorized Measure M, a 30-year 1/2 cent sales tax, there are two streetcar projects in the works: the OC Streetcar (which recently took a step forward), which will connect Downtown Santa Ana to a major arterial street in Garden Grove, and the Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC), which will connect Angel Stadium to Disneyland.  Both streetcars would be powered by overhead electric wires and connect to stations (Santa Ana and Anaheim) on the Metrolink Orange County Line, a commuter railway.  By the way, if you've never been to Downtown Santa Ana, you're really missing out.

While Measure M is overwhelmingly dedicated to widening freeways and arterial streets in favor of single-occupant vehicles, it's interesting to see the intent to build out a more robust fixed-route transit network in the OC.  Maybe they'll even build out some bike lanes and bus rapid transit on those ridiculous six-lane arterials someday too ;)

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