Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adorable Kitten: Get Registered and Vote in CA's June 7th Election!

If you don't get registered and vote in California's June 7th election, this kitten will be so sad :(

California has a Presidential Primary Election coming up on Tuesday June 7th, 2016 (more info here and here) and the deadline to register to vote for that election is 15 days before the election (May 23rd).  The last time California held this particular election, in 2012, our turnout was pathetic: only 22% of eligible voters and 31% of registered voters actually bothered to vote.

Perhaps you're thinking "It's going to be Clinton versus Trump for President so what's the point?"  Well, the point is, there's much more at stake in this election than which candidates will represent their parties for President (plus, more than two parties in our political system).  This election will also nominate the finalists for one of California's Senate seats, seats in the House of Representatives and the State Legislature.  There is a statewide ballot measure regarding how legislators can be suspended from office and several judicial offices that need to be filled.  In Los Angeles County, we're selecting a District Attorney and a member of the Board of Supervisors (and that's just what I'm aware of from my sample ballot).

While the November Presidential Election will be important, ignoring the many other elections which happen at least once a year is stupid, and people on the left are more likely to make this mistake, to the detriment of the progressive agenda.  You don't have a right to complain about what's going on unless you do your civic duty: educate yourself on the issues and vote in every election.  Do it for the kitten, and more importantly, for democracy!

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