Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pacific Boulevard in Huntington Park

A slice of Pacific Boulevard in Huntington Park: classic sidewalk-oriented storefronts behind a new parklet near Tierra Mía Coffee.

Somewhere I read that there is this interesting street called Pacific Boulevard in the City of Huntington Park so I decided to check it out.  Sure enough, the part of the street between Florence Avenue to the south and Randolph Street to the north did not disappoint.  The street is lined with a continuous street wall of storefronts that greet wide sidewalks.  The buildings look pre-World War II.  Lots of people were out walking today, despite the drizzle.  The street itself is four lanes with a center turn lane and diagonal parking on both sides.  There is plenty of metered street parking at $1 per hour, plus off-street parking behind a lot of the stores.  Pacific Boulevard makes you realize how strip malls that put their parking lots in front do real damage to pedestrian life (by doing the opposite and avoiding that all too common mistake).

The businesses mostly reflect the surrounding Hispanic community.  Lots of quinceañera dress shops and pupuserías.  There are even a few parklets on the street in front of cafes and restaurants.  It's really worth a look.  Spend some money while you're at it.  You've got to reward good design if you want to see more of it.  I can't believe I made it so long living in Los Angeles County and never seeing this place!

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