Thursday, January 5, 2017

On the Front Lines of Infant Care

My wife and I just had a baby!  As new parents, 2-3 weeks in, this has been a mind-blowing experience on multiple levels.  We're both off from work just trying to figure everything out (awesome decision, take as much leave as you can).  I thought it'd be fun to share some thoughts on how this impacts me from a transportation perspective.

Overall, I'm travelling a lot less.  Newborns require constant attention, feeding and/or diaper changes and/or soothing every two or three hours, 24/7.  Being by one's self with a crying baby can be pretty stressful.  This means going outside is a luxury that is reserved for situations where it is really important (i.e. doctor's appointments, critical errands, etc.).  The first time I left home to go run an errand, post-birth, it was surreal just to be outside.

My stress level is at a constant high it has rarely ever reached before, but I think it is gradually declining back to a more normal level.  This means that doing the things I did in the Before Time to reduce stress, like taking a walk, are really important.  Luckily, in the neighborhood where I live, there are a lot of good excuses to take a walk.  The ATM, the drug store, the post office, etc. are all a short walk away, which is a real sanity booster when you're sometimes getting sleep in two-hour chunks.

I haven't ridden transit or ridden my bike at all since the baby was born.  This is something I'm hoping to remedy eventually, since one of my favorite things to do is go into the City on a "transit adventure" and just walk around.  We're not at the point yet where either of us has been able to take the kind of half-day break where such a thing would be possible.  It's also unnerving to think about how vulnerable a baby is, especially until they start getting more vaccinations (starting in earnest around two months).  Another random thought, smartphone taxis are supposed to be the next transportation revolution, but you can't take your young kids in them safely, because they don't have car seats!  Also, long waits for the bus just got a lot less feasible as my free time got much more scarce.

Stay tuned.  At least now I have a good excuse for sneaking in some writing at 3:00 a.m.!

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