Sunday, August 6, 2017

Look Away From the Dumpster Fire

In the course of my ruminations on national politics this year, a single metaphor has seeped into my mind to sum it all up: a dumpster fire.  President Trump has turned out to actually be the incompetent, mean-spirited pile of bad ideas and character flaws he revealed himself to be on the campaign trail (what a surprise).  When a dumpster is on fire, it's hard to look away.  You have all of these thoughts like "shouldn't somebody do something?" or "when trash burns, it somehow smells even worse," or "this is probably unhealthy to breathe in," or "maybe we could actually blunder into a nuclear war."

Look, you should still follow the news, write your members of Congress, vote and donate to causes you believe in.  But if we're going to make it though, we're also going to have to, at least occasionally, look away from the five-alarm dumpster fire that is raging at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When you do look away, I'd like to recommend Fully Charged, a YouTube series hosted by Robert Llewellyn.  Fully Charged is all about electric vehicles and renewable energy.  It reveals in quite entertaining fashion that there actually are good things happening in the world.  Plus British English is kind of fun (e.g. "petrol").

Anyway, just remember, no dumpster fire burns forever . . .

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